Inspiring excellence


We develop the framework of sustainable operation of Viohalco companies by assessing material sustainability issues and transforming them into concrete sustainability strategies and actions. We integrate sustainability principles into daily operations and decision-making processes and provide solutions that are specific to companies’ needs as to create positive environmental and societal impact.

Human Resources

We pride ourselves on utilizing best practices to develop and enhance critical capabilities that align with our organizational priorities. Our Human Resources team is here to guide our employees through the entire employee journey. From talent acquisition to learning and development, performance and rewards, strategic HR analytics and employee engagement strategies, we are committed to assisting Viohalco companies in hiring, developing, and retaining a diverse and talented workforce.

Information Technology
& Security

We provide an IT strategy and portfolio that’s well-aligned to the topline business objectives and even more important end-user requirements. Offering comprehensive IT services including system integration, software development, and IT infrastructure management, enabling Viohalco companies to leverage technology for enhanced operational effectiveness. Our IT team supports and services the transitioning to a digital ecosystem with considerable undertakings and skilled professionals that define Viohalco companies’ digital structure and processes.

We establish and lead the Information Security Strategy for all Viohalco companies, prioritizing on modernization of IT & OT (Operational Technology) environments, and empowering risk-informed decisions for every business line. We focus on increasing the security awareness level of our employees and ensuring resilience against cyberattacks.

Strategic Planning
and Business Development

Our dedicated Strategic Planning team collaborates closely with Viohalco companies, supporting them to assess business environment, shape their growth potential and long-term strategy, as well as implement the strategic initiatives to achieve their objectives. Strategic planning encompasses a systematic approach, focusing on setting priorities, creating value from synergies, efficient resource allocation, and ensuring alignment of all the companies with Viohalco strategic principles. We are responsible for identifying and evaluating growth opportunities in line with the strategic priorities of the companies, forge strategic partnerships and promote the development of new initiatives that capitalize on emerging technologies.

Energy Management

Sourcing and management of electricity and natural gas resources, powering Viohalco companies. We leverage technology, data and market analysis, to reduce environmental impact and costs in the procurement and consumption of energy.


Our services to Viohalco’s subsidiaries include financing and tax services, risk analysis, as well as support in matters of financial information.


We support and work closely with all Viohalco companies in developing and maintaining effective communication strategies and plans, both internally and externally so that all companies share common values and best practices while pursuing their communication objectives. Providing corporate communication guidelines and expertise for effective employer branding, corporate image and reputation as well as corporate affairs. Sustaining a corporate communication strategy enables Viohalco companies drive growth and engage effectively various stakeholders (external and internal audiences).

Operational Excellence

We support Viohalco companies in achieving a competitive advantage through the deployment of industrial operations excellence best practices and continuous improvement initiatives, to foster productivity, profitability, and customer satisfaction. By optimizing processes, upskilling employees, providing current best approaches, methodologies and tools, we develop capabilities to continuously improve our operations and enhance our business results.

Internal Auditing

We audit every activity of Viohalco companies with professionalism, we provide recommendations, confidentiality and integrity by adding value and objectivity to procedures. We protect both the companies and the employees.

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