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1st MIT Technology Review EmTech Europe in Greece

With great enthusiasm we joined the 1st MIT Technology Review EmTech Europe in Greece, in association with Kathimerini which took place 17-18 January at Athens Concert Hall. The premier gathering of industry experts from Europe, the United States, and the Middle East, explored the theme “Technology Enabled ESG” and delved into the transformative impact of new technologies on our future, with a specific focus on Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) aspects.
Bill Karnazes, Chief Operations Officer of Viohalco participated at EmTech Europe at the panel discussion “ESG Opportunities and Challenges in the AI Era”, on Wednesday 17th and stated:

“Our aim is to exploit AI use cases that will create a control tower when it comes to sustainability, where all the company’s data will be collected to turn it into measurable and sustainable solutions in the future.

AI will also help us optimize energy consumption, energy efficiency and cyber security which are all crucial for our industry”.

MIT «EmTech Europe»: Σύμμαχος στο ESG η τεχνητή νοημοσύνη | Η ΚΑΘΗΜΕΡΙΝΗ (



40th Athens Marathon

We are proud of Steelmet Running Team that participated in the 40th Athens Marathon. The Authentic at 42,195m and 10k and 5k races. It’s unique to experience the energy and the overwhelming support of the Athens Authentic Marathon. Congratulations to all Steelmet runners for setting and accomplishing challenging goals by taking part in this special annual event that brings history to life. Passion fuels determination and focus, enabling great accomplishments! Steelmet Running Team keep moving forward!


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Making a Life-Saving Impact!

Voluntary Blood Donation Day on Thursday September 7th, within our premises in collaboration with the Hospital Paidon “Agia Sofia”. This inspiring initiative aims to encourage employees’ voluntary blood donation and raise awareness about the noble cause. We are committed to supporting initiatives that promote solidarity, health, well-being, and community welfare. Together, we have the power to touch countless lives, providing hope and another chance to those in need.


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Archimedes – Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship of NKUA

Honored that ElvalHalcor is a sponsor of the Archimedes – Center for Innovation & Entrepreneurship of NKUA Applied Innovation Competition 2023. ElvalHalcor aims to contribute to the promotion of applied research, innovative solutions for the prevention, management and restoration of the effects of natural disasters, that have an impact on both society and the economy.


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