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About us

Steelmet Corporate Services provides services to Viohalco Companies aiming to support them and drive best practices across all our business segments. We offer a comprehensive range of corporate services, and we work closely with all Viohalco companies to develop tailored corporate solutions, streamline operations, and offer services that are consistent, reliable and focused on results.

Culture & values

Our company culture and our values represent the core principles that govern the way we work and operate and the way we collaborate both internally and externally.

Sharing the same values is paramount for us as it increases retention and employee satisfaction by creating an environment with purpose promoting cohesion and cooperation among our teams.

The core values
that guide our behavior

Integrity &

We prioritize honesty, ethics, and trustworthiness. We take ownership of our decisions, actions, and results. These values guide our decisions, actions, and results, ensuring that we always act with honesty and ethics.

Collaboration & teamwork

We foster positive relationships and develop collaboration strategies to achieve personal and company goals across all levels.

Excellence & transparency

We deliver timely, professional, and efficient services, striving for excellence. Being open and sharing information with our teams is at the heart of everything we do.

Diversity, equity &

We value and respect every individual, promoting inclusiveness and leveraging the skills, talents, ideas, and opinions of everyone in our teams.

Focused on results

Financial statements

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